CMP.LY empowers businesses and individuals alike to take control of their social media through its CommandPost and PowerPost products, each of which provides a powerful combination of measurement, management and monitoring tools not available anywhere else.




CommandPost is CMP.LY’s proprietary platform for managing risk and gathering intelligence in social media. It powers two robust products to help you take control of your social media activities: CommandPost Oversight is the premier tool to ensure your social media programs do not put you at unnecessary risk; CommandPost Insight gives you in-depth understanding of their effectiveness.

You can use CommandPost Oversight and Insight separately or combine them for an end-to-end solution that provides the full infrastructure you need to run successful and compliant social media marketing across your enterprise.


Minimize Social Media Risk



Do you worry your social media initiatives are putting you at risk? Are you struggling to get your campaigns approved by legal? Would you like a simple system to address compliance and program management across all of your programs and participants?

CommandPost Oversight can help you achieve the visibility into and control of your social media programs that is necessary to manage risk without sacrificing scale or creativity.

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Measure & Optimize Social Media


Do you want to know if your social media initiatives are working? Would you like to better understand how you can improve your advocates’ performance? Do you wish there was an easier way to manage, analyze and optimize programs and participants, particularly at scale and across multiple platforms?

CommandPost Insight can help you gain real understanding of your social media programs so that you can improve, grow and get meaningful results from your programs.

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