CMP.LY empowers businesses and individuals alike to take control of their social media through its CommandPost and PowerPost products, each of which provides a powerful combination of measurement, management and monitoring tools not available anywhere else.

How CMP.LY Disclosures Work

How Do I Disclose in Social Media?

The Challenges of Social Media

Social media presents opportunities that never existed in print, radio or television, but it comes with its own unique set of challenges as well—especially when it comes to disclosure and compliance.

You obviously can’t fit legal copy into 140 characters. So how do you attach a disclosure to a post? How can you be certain it is delivered? How can you ensure it will travel with the post when it is syndicated to other platforms?


Multi-Platform Disclosure Solutions


CMP.LY Disclosure URLs & Badges

CMP.LY gives you the ability to create links and badges that provide clear and conspicuous notice directly in the body of a social post. You can use our Universal or Plain Language Disclosure URLs to deliver legal language on any of the major social networks. Our badges provide the same functionality on any blog platform.

Each of our disclosure options represents a specific type of notice. Both the URLs and the badges employ standard formats that make them easily identifiable as disclosures, while providing an indication of what type of information lies behind the link.

Putting Disclosure in Context

Disclosure Pages

Every one of our disclosure URLs or badges links to a custom disclosure page where the full legal language is presented. These pages all follow a structured layout with a single sentence description to maintain consistency for the reader and a prominent display of the disclosure badge to reinforce the standard—but the legal language is all yours.

Our free disclosure pages (accessible via CMP.LY Personal accounts) may be up to 500 characters and come with personal branding options. CommandPost Oversight users have access to unlimited character counts, expanded branding opportunities and other features.


Making Disclosure Unavoidable


Disclosure Banners

Our Universal and Plain Language Disclosure URLs can also be used as link shorteners. By “wrapping” links to videos, articles or other content with one of our URLs, you eliminate the need to included two links in your posts and can guarantee that everyone who views the content sees the disclosure.

When you use our URLs this way, they link directly to the content you wrapped and frame it with a disclosure banner. The banners will remain static at the top of the page, providing a preview of the disclosure in the top 10% of the screen, until the reader clicks through to the full disclosure or clicks “close”.

Ensuring Disclosures Are Presented

What about Frame Busting?

Some websites employ a technique known as “frame busting” to prevent unrelated advertisers from wrapping them with unwanted ads. In order to make sure this feature does not interfere with your disclosure, CMP.LY checks for frame busting before attempting to serve a disclosure banner.

Whenever we detect frame busting, we provide an interstitial disclosure preview page before loading the content page you wrapped with our link.


Platform-Enabled Views


Twitter Cards & Other Previews

Certain social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook can give you the ability to preview linked content in-stream. This functionality is not universal—it varies between platforms and viewing environments—but it is useful for providing additional information when they do appear.

CMP.LY Plain Language Disclosure URLs are designed to deliver notice of disclosure in even the simplest of environments, but they are also optimized to take advantage of features like Twitter Cards whenever they are available, in order to provide the greatest possible clarity to your friends and followers.